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The most important part of your IMVU are the credits and you know just how difficult it is to accumulate enough credits to progress to higher levels. Many IMVU users have found our tool after wasting time on many other tools and finding out that half of them don’t even work. Everyone who has used it love it as there is no limit to the number of credits earned unlike other tools there is no malware that will affect your device.

Even if you are a gamer who does not like to use a cheat, when you see your friends and other winning, you would at least be tempted to find a tip or two online. While tips utilize the loopholes in the games to give you an edge over the others, they cannot get you going for long. There are also many online codes which you can use to dress up your avatar differently or make some funky gestures or moves. But they can only get you to do that much.

Absolutely free and always will be – You don’t have to pay any money to be able to use our tool. There is also no limit to the number of times that you can use our tool.

100% safe as it is free of viruses – As there is nothing to be downloaded, your devices will be safe from viruses

No download required – As the tool is fully online, you don’t need any extra space on your device to use the tool

Compatible with any operating system – Just as the game is compatible with all operating systems, we have made sure that the tool too is compatible with all operating systems

Undetectable – The script has been programmed to be undetectable so that any ban of accounts by the game developers is not possible

Completed tested to be snag-free–To make sure that you are able to use the tool whenever you want, we have tested it for bugs

Updated daily–To ensure that the tool works properly every single time, it is updated with bug fixes on a daily basis

Created by professional programmers–The tool is designed with gamers in minds and by professional programmers who take every technical aspect into account. So you only have the best tool and won’t ever need to look for another one online.

Secure 256 SSL – encryption

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