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We made this Legacy of Discord hack by www.legacyofdiscordcheats.com, because we have received a lot of requests as this game is really awesome. The Demon Lord Auglu with his minions has captured the entire world except the Beacon City, which is the last fortress of humanity. In this City, the most important object that the Demon wants is the Crystal of Light. With this object, Lord Auglu will be able to convert the world into a paradise for demons.

However, the Guardians and other people of the kingdom are protecting the Crystal of Light so that the Demon does not capture it. You are now embarked on a journey to kill the numerous demons and protect the Crystal from the evil forces. In the game, you will come across several stages and challenges. You can even head over to the arena to have a friendly duel with the Guardians.


The game has some of the best visuals in the mobile market. Its amazing graphics can run perfectly well on all kinds of devices. The sound and visual effects will take you to a totally different world.

Game Characters:

There are three character classes in the game. You can select any one of them – the huge broadsword-wielding Berserker or the magic-wielding Sorceress or the agile Bladedancer. Select the character class that you can relate to the most as all three of them have unique skills, and enjoy the game, if you will find it hard to be on your chosen class you can always use Legacy of Discord Hack to make it easier.


Each and every Guardian in the game will have 4 different skills. Among these skills, the most powerful one is the Ultimate Skill that can be used only once in the game. However, ensure that the skill is been charged up.

Your active skills in the game can reach up to the level of your own hero. For increasing the levels, you will require Gold and Skill Points. Gold is the primary currency of the game which can be easily generated with lod hack. Skill Points can be regenerated over time and you can hold only a certain amount every time. So, keep using them and generating more Skill Points.

The rewards that you keep earning in the game will not go directly to your inventory. It will reach your mail inbox. Keep checking them regularly so that you can see the rewards, which can be claimed in the game.

Stay Out Of Danger:

Sometimes the opponents will stop charging and plan for a big attack. You can know about this by keeping an eye on red circles. If you notice a red circle in an area, then you should quickly get out from there. If you do not move quickly then you will have to take massive damage as the attack hits really hard. Moreover, if you are playing the game in Auto Play method, then be aware of these attacks as the Auto Play method will not bother about them.

Quests And Events:

You can check your main Quests by clicking the top left corner icon. By completing various quests, you will be able to earn loads of in-game currencies and resources.Alternative to completing quests is using Legacy of Discord Hack online. Moreover, you will even come across some side quests regularly. Completing these quests is as important as the main quests as they will enable you to upgrade your equipments.

Upgrading Your Equipments:

You will be selecting a single game character in the beginning of the game. So, keeping the character’s skills and equipments upgraded is of utmost importance. Moreover, the combination of your game character’s skills and current equipments equals to their total power. For upgrading the various equipments, you will need Gold. Furthermore, as you keep progressing in the game, you will require more amount of Gold for upgrading.

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